SMART Marketing and PR

S = Strategy to Meet Goals
M = Media Mix
A = Art & Creative that Sells
R = Research to Identify Buyers and Measure the Results for ROI
T = Tactics & Channels that Fit the Situation

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marketing Mix That is Working Now!

I've been using social networking and the Internet since the 1980's at IBM to create and increase business. It is a low cost way to increase leads, add prospects, and generate sales. This is a MUST HAVE as part of your marketing mix.

What is working right now in this tough market as the best, reasonable cost, mix for any organization is:
- News Releases (not necessarily to the press)
- Web
- Radio
- Events
- E-blast Newsletters
- Direct Mail

All must be highly targeted at your top purchasing demographics and done as a campaign – not a series of unconnected media activity. It works right now!

Subscribe today and follow me as I add case studies and examples of the work I've done, and others have executed, with measurable results.

I'll show the strategy, the creative, the measurement systems, and results - so you can follow the formula that will increase your leads, prospects, and sales.

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