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S = Strategy to Meet Goals
M = Media Mix
A = Art & Creative that Sells
R = Research to Identify Buyers and Measure the Results for ROI
T = Tactics & Channels that Fit the Situation

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Social Network Marketing Experiment: Small Retail

About to find out if Social Network Marketing works for a small retail operation. Launched my wife's side business this week: Senora Empanada! She provides empanadas for parties, family gatherings, and events. The wife's meat, vegetable, and dessert empanadas are amazing! Bookmark the site:

Place an order by phone or email. Shopping cart to come. Wish us luck!

Launch is strictly over social networks and our email lists. The food is great. The prices are right on the money. Website has good reviews. Already started filling orders from the "Friends and Family" campaign last week. Let's see how good this social network stuff is!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Hope teh social networking works well, tell us how it went.