SMART Marketing and PR

S = Strategy to Meet Goals
M = Media Mix
A = Art & Creative that Sells
R = Research to Identify Buyers and Measure the Results for ROI
T = Tactics & Channels that Fit the Situation

Monday, May 18, 2009

Case Study: Palm Beach Civic Association is a non-profit that had 200 web visitors a month, a reputation that they wanted to change, a pending crisis because of the economic downturn in 2008-2009, and some hostile stakeholders. Mike changed their brand identity, launched a new website:, and started a news writing campaign with "Monday Morning in Palm Beach" plus other news features every week. Website visitors average 221 per day, their reputation has been changed to the brand they want, they are holding steady in membership, added 17 new directors, and had more press mentions per month than their entire 66 year history. Go to Google or Yahoo and search for "civic association". The new Palm Beach Civic Association will be in the top 5 on the first page in organic search results out of over a million items. Contact Mike to find out how he did it:

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